Warning! Fakes!


Most people buying a controlling bracelets have no idea what kind of bracelets they can get really. We would like to convey to you, dear friends, information that should warn you against counterfeiting and quality product that is sold in our country and beyond.

Most people have heard that the bracelets that they offer – this bracelet Tyvek, calm down, assuring themselves and others that it’s quality products.
But we want you to know that Tyvek is just a first material in rolls, from which later made bracelets, and they turn sometimes different densities and treated differently. Actually the important thing when choosing a product is not the word “Tyvek”, and whether quality processes through material that you are using reliable adhesive nabrasleti or tear perforation at the time when you need it, whether the presence of numbering for better control of visitors and if so, how it is applied, glow bracelets with UV light or not.
In fact, these factors have a major impact on the quality control of your actions!

Be sure that using low quality and cheaper wristbands are not save your money. Even worse, you can lose a lot in such case.

Make your choice :)


Bad perforation.


No comments… :)


Low quality printing. Logo damaged with water.


Safe ribbon moved down.


Low quality numbering. When trying to split bands it was damaged.


When trying to take off safe ribbon the perforation goes with it. Wristband can’t be used.


Damaging top layers of wristbands when trying to split it.


Same story.


Yellow wristbands. Neon and regular ink printed.


UV light.


Low quality connection.