Vinyl wristbands


Vinyl control wristbands are designed for long-term using. They do not interfere with movement and do not cause allergic reactions. Bracelets are usually used for: sports events, concerts, games, corporate events, discos, private parties or outdoor festivals. High quality, non-stretching vinyl wristbands with a strong locking snap can not be opened without damaging the product, what do not allow bracelet to be transferred to another person.


They are made of 2 layers (what is a major difference between vinyl and plastic bracelets), which are united into one. The outer layer gives vibrant colors and the inner side is a soft vinyl layer that is created specifically for comfort of your skin while wearing . Specific features of the material which bracelets made of, let you use them in high humidity and different temperatures, high-strength characteristics can withstand high effort to break the lock snap. Vinyl wristbands are easy, convenient and suitable for most sensitive skin. The principle of use is: after the bracelet is fixed on the visitor’s arm or leg, while trying to remove the bracelet its became destructed in the junction, as a result it is became easily to monitor attempted removal of ID visually. They are ideal for events with several client areas, such as a night club with two dance floors.

Type of wristbands:


F-type wristbands have “wide face” for custom logo printing.


These bracelets are usually used at events where the ticket price included an additional bonus. Snapping off the label, it can be used to obtain certain privileges, which are included in your stay. For example, it might be some drinks at a bar, meals in the restaurant, access to the pool, pass to the cinema and other entertainments. They are made of 3 layers, which are united into one. The outer layer provides vivid color, the middle layer makes them tough, due to which the bracelet is non-stretchable. And the inner side is a soft vinyl layer that is created specifically for comfort while wearing on skin.

Special designed wristbands:


Palette of colors of vinyl wristbands


Control wristbands are beautiful, fashionable, safe and effective to use!