Tyvek® Wristbands


Paper Tyvek ® wristbands are a great method of visual identification of clients.

Control Tyvek ® wristbands are made of special high-strength synthetic fabric Tyvek. Bracelet is a non-transparent adhesive tape rectangular shape and consists of three main parts. On one side there is a colored field that contains five curly and perforation lines with printed on them individually unique number, in the middle of the bracelet there is color information field for possible handwritten information, on the other side there is special field of white, designed for sealing of the bracelet.

Main principle of working of bracelets is: when you wear the bracelet (which is very durable material) on visitor’s arm, he will not be able to wear it one more time as the bracelet will be damaged in place of perforation.

Types of bracelets:


Bracelets for special control:


Typically, paper control bracelets Tyvek ® with detachable parts and double nomerous bracelets are used at events, which provides various raffles, lotteries, gift giving and other shares. In places where particularly strict control is needed.

Bracelets with additional protection:



Our special bracelets Tyvek ® with additional protection with an invisible image that can be seen only in UV – light (photo 2). These bracelets provide higher level of protection. Without changing the color of the bracelets, you can change invisible picture on them. For more information, please contact our sales managers.

Palette of colours of control wristbands Tyvek®:

Control wristbands are beautiful, fashionable, safe and effective to use!