Silicone bracelets NEW


Nowadays, use of silicone wristband becoming more popular every day. Firstly used for charitable purposes, now they are mostly applied for advert, visual identification or just like a nice accessory. If your main aim to attract people’s attention, if you want your slogan be known by everyone, if your goal is the identification of customers, production of silicone wristbands with the logo of your organization will be the best solution for the promotional campaign. Moreover, silicone bracelets can be a good replacement for badges. Use in such way, bracelets of different colors will help (if needed) to differentiate the status or privileges of holders of bracelets.

There are 2 main sizes of bracelets: adults and children.

Adults wristband – 202 х 12 х 2 mm.

Children wristband – 180 х 12 х 2 mm.

Silicone bracelets are protected from the influence of UV light, salt and fresh water, do not lose their shape, do not stretch, is resistant to various temperatures from-30C to +25 C, and the most important thing that they do not cause allergies.

Attention! You can download color palette here

The main types of silicone wristbands:

Debossed/ Embossed

sulikon_1 sulikon_2

Printed logo / Debossed (embossed)
(can print color logo), color filled

sulikon_3 sulikon_4

Segmented/ Swirl
(can print color logo)

sulikon_5 sulikon_6

Glow In Dark
Glow in the dark wristbands are translucent colors that glow when placed in the dark.
Logo printed with special paint.


Select any color from Panton-color palette. Create your own design.